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Arch Hellen Med, 38(4), July-August 2021, 557-564


Development of a computerized assistance system for management
of the daily activities of the elderly in a "smart" home

E. Biskanaki
Pharmacy Department, General Hospital of Livadia, Livadia, Greece

The demographic picture of an aging population is now apparent, especially in the most highly economically and industrially developed countries. This review highlights the ways in which "smart" home technology can help older people to enjoy a greater degree of independence and security inside their homes. The material was retrieved from Greek and foreign language literature and online sources. Recommended applications focus on the use of sensors, detectors and other gadgets, with the ultimate goals of ensuring the user's physical stability, and maintaining optimal health, physical and mental fitness. The applications are designed to achieve optimal interactive communication, both with the computerized assistance system itself, and with the indirect users of the system (medical staff, family-friendly environment, etc.).

Key words: Elderly, Home care, Quality of life, "Smart" home.

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