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Arch Hellen Med, 38(4), July-August 2021, 471-475


Ogilvie syndrome or acute pseudo-obstruction of the colon; the unknown enemy of the elderly

D. Voutsela,1 V. Kyriakidis,2 A. Kyriakidis3
1Family ╬ťedicine Practice, Trikala,
2School of Medicine, Dimokriteio University of Thrace, Alexandroupolis,
3Department of Surgery, General Hospital of Amfissa, Amfissa, Greece

Acute colon pseudo-obstruction, or Ogilvie syndrome, is a clinical syndrome that causes symptoms similar to those of acute intestinal obstruction, in the absence of mechanical adhesions. It is mainly observed in geriatric patients with increased co-morbidity, and also occurs after major surgery. The pathophysiology of the disease is not fully understood, but the current theories involve the autonomic nervous system and its control of the motility of the colon. Treatment of the underlying disease often leads to resolution of the symptoms, but in some cases that do not respond to conservative treatment with non-invasive manipulation or medication, surgery is the only method of treatment.

Key words: Colon pseudo-obstruction, Geriatrics and colon pseudo-obstruction, Ogilvie syndrome.

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