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Arch Hellen Med, 37(2), March-April 2020, 254-256


Post-cholecystectomy syndrome in pregnancy due to a long cystic stump

R.E. Sönmez, F. Büyüker, T.T. Eren, O. Alimo─člu
Department of General Surgery, Istanbul Medeniyet University, Istanbul, Turkey

Hepatobiliary complications are common during pregnancy, and may have serious sequelae, depending on the severity. There is not yet a common agreement on the optimal time for gallbladder surgery, considering the overall morbidity of pregnancy. This is a case report of a pregnant woman with a history of laparoscopic cholecystectomy 1.5 years earlier, who was admitted during the second trimester of pregnancy because of biliary colic and elevation in the level of liver enzymes. Examination led to the diagnosis of post-cholecystectomy syndrome (PCS) due to a cystic duct remnant which was revealed on radiological evaluation. During her hospitalization she was managed conservatively and was discharged uneventfully. Cystic duct remnant is a rare cause of PCS that can be managed safely with a conservative approach during pregnancy, leaving surgery until the post-gestational period.

Key words: Biliary colic, Hepatocystic triangle, Long cystic stump, Post-cholecystectomy syndrome (PCS), Pregnancy.

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