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Arch Hellen Med, 35(6), November-December 2018, 815-823


The marketing of health services: The example of medical tourism

D. Mitsi,1 E. Kostopoulou,2 M. Agraniotis,3 E.C. Fradelos4
1"Elpis" General Hospital of Athens, Athens,
2"Korgialenio Benakio HRC" General Hospital of Athens, Athens,
3Dentist, Private Ρractice, Athens,
4Psychiatric Department, "Sotiria" General Hospital for Chest Diseases, Athens, Greece

Medical tourism is a cultural phenomenon according to which individuals travel from their place of residence to other places in order to receive health care and services, and at the same time have holidays. The services provided for such individuals aim at the maintenance and improvement of their health condition, the treatment of their illnesses, and rehabilitation. Marketing in health services is gaining in importance, for the retention of existing clients, and the increase in the numbers of patients for the health care provider organizations, but also by exertion of influence on the decision-making process by the "consumers of health services".

Key words: Health services, Marketing of health services, Medical tourism.

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