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Arch Hellen Med, 35(2), March-April 2018, 230-240


Motivation factors of doctors and nurses in the health services

V. Gkioka,1 A. Petrakos,2 M. Sarris,3 A. Goula,3 I. Nikolados,3 K. Speis3
1Institute of Biomedical Research, Academy of Athens, Athens,
2Administration, "Evangelismos" General Hospital, Athens,
3Health and Social Care Management, University of Applied Sciences, Athens, Greece

OBJECTIVE To investigate the motivating factors of doctors and nurses working in a Greek public hospital.

METHOD Data were collected in the period September 2016 to January 2017 from 366 health care employees (149 doctors and 217 nurses) by administration of the Paleologou questionnaire that explores four motivating factors (job attributes, remuneration, co-workers, achievement). On the 5 point scale of the questionnaire, the lower values express a greater degree of motivation. The alpha index of the questionnaire ranges from 0.914 to 0.851 (job attributes index: 0.914, remuneration index: 0.903, co-workers index: 0:853, achievement index: 0.851).

RESULTS Measurement of the importance of the motivating factors gave the following values for the doctors: Achievement factor 2.03, coworkers 2.65, job characteristics 2.91, and remuneration 3.15. For nurses, the achievement factor was 1.88, co-workers 2.6, work characteristics 2.64 and remuneration 2.89.

CONCLUSIONS The most important motivation factors for both doctors and nurses are recognition of their achievements, and their co-workers, while the less important factors are remuneration and their job characteristics.

Key words: Health services, Hospital staff, Motivation factors.

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