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Arch Hellen Med, 28(1), January-February 2011, 45-47


Arterial blood gas analyzers. Which is appropriate for point of care testing in the critical care unit?

V. Wiwanitkit
Project Coordinator, Thai POCT Forum, Thailand

OBJECTIVE Arterial blood gas analysis is a basic laboratory investigation in the critical care unit. In the past, a big problem in critical care management was the waiting period for arterial blood gas results from the laboratory. Currently, the new concept of point of care testing (POCT) helps to solve this problem.

METHOD In this article, the properties of the 7 blood gas analyzers presently available in Thailand are assessed with a view to finding the model which is the best suited to POCT purposes. A property-utility analysis was made.

RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS The turnaround time per unit weight of 7 available analyzers was determined. According to the property per utility analysis, the OPTI CCA and the OPTO R are the arterial blood gas analyzers best suited for use in the POCT setting.

Key words: Analyzer, Arterial blood gas, POCT.

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