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Arch Hellen Med, 27(3), May-June 2010, 487-497


Evaluation of the quality of health services patient reports

Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece

OBJECTIVE The dual aim of this study was, first, to enrich the methods of evaluation regarding the effectiveness of the provision of health services, and secondly, to attempt to assess in an objective way the delivery of health care in an outpatient department of a central hospital in Athens.

METHOD A specially designed questionnaire was completed by 502 outpatients attending a central Athens hospital. The questionnaire covered key events of their care during a 12-month period, in the following fields: (a) biopsies, (b) blood tests, (c) chronic disease follow-up, and (d) preventive examinations (women only).

RESULTS Certain sociodemographic characteristics of the patients were found to be related to better medical services delivery. Specifically, the characteristics that favored the provision of higher quality care were: Greek origin of the patient, higher level of education, being older, being male, being married, and having a better health status. Patient satisfaction was positively correlated with older age, lower levels of education and family income, and higher "level" of insurance coverage.

CONCLUSIONS Socioeconomic factors appear to have a serious impact on the delivery of medical services. Future studies on the medical experiences and satisfaction of patients should focus on the demographic, cultural and socioeconomic features of the participants.

Key words: Health services evaluation, Patient report, Patient satisfaction.

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