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Arch Hellen Med, 26(6), November-December 2009, 818-825


Anastasi╬┐s Leukias Georgiades (1773-1853): First Professor and Dean of the Medical School of the University of Athens


The life and the work of Anastasi╬┐s Leukias Georgiades were studied in the bibliography and in unpublished elements of the General Archives of the State. He was the first Professor of the History of Medicine, Pathology and Therapeutics of the Medical School of the University of Athens and its first Dean. Georgiades was an important personality, who offered much to medicine, literature and his students. He was born in 1773 in the city of Philippoupoli in Eastern Romilia and died in Athens in 1853. In 1806 he graduated from the medical school of the University of Jena as a doctor in medicine and surgery. From 1806 till 1821 he travelled extensively in Europe, writing numerous books about both medicine and the Greek language. In 1821 he supported the revolution of Ipsilantis, both morally and materially. His most important book, about plague (pestilence), was written in 1830, using as an example the books of Hippokrates "Aphorismi". Three years later he moved to the newly independent Greece. In 1834 he was nominated as a member of the "Iatrosynedrio" (Medical Council), and in 1836 he became a member and later president of the "Athens Medical Society". When the new University of Athens was founded, in 1837, he served as Professor of the History of Medicine, General Pathology and Therapeutics and afterwards as Dean of the Medical School. He was fond of the study of ancient Greece, constantly returning to it to gain intellectual strength. He proved to be the equal of his ancient ancestors, contributing greatly to the re-establishment of the medical education in the new Greek State.

Key words: Anastasios Leukias Georgiades, History of Medicine, Medical School of the University of Athens.

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