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Arch Hellen Med, 24(3), May-June 2007, 232-242


From psychosocial stress to vascular remodeling and atherosclerosis

1Therapeutic Clinic, "Alexandra" Hospital,
2Nephrology Clinic, "Red Cross" Korgialeneio-Benakeio Hospital, Athens, Greece

It has been shown that emotional stimuli can be translated into structural changes of the cardiovascular system. This myocardial and vascular remodeling is of great importance for the increased cardiovascular morbidity under conditions of continuous stress, as many in vivo and in vitro studies suggest. This review discusses the intracellular signaling cascades of the main molecules involved in the physiological adaptation to stress, i.e. catecholamines, cortisol and neuropeptide Y (NPY).

Key words: Atherosclerosis, Psychosocial stress, Vascular remodeling.

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