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Arch Hellen Med, 23(3), May-June 2006, 240-246



Department of Allergology, "Attikon" General Hospital, University of Athens, Chaidari, Greece

Dermographism (DM) is a common skin condition seen by dermatologists, allergologists, pediatricians and other physicians. It is a physical urticaria which affects 1.5-5% of the general population. Ten different types of DM have been described, forming two large categories, the classic DM and the rare types of DM. The exact mechanism of DM remains controversial. The mast cell appears to play a very important role by releasing mediators such as histamine, the role of which is the most studied. The clinical features are described as the appearance of a wheal after firm stroking of the patient's skin, which may or may not be accompanied by pruritus. Histological findings include dermal edema with a few perivascular mononuclear cells. DM may be associated with various other conditions. It is a benign disorder and rarely requires medical treatment unless accompanied by pruritus.

Key words: Dermographism, Stroking the skin, Urticaria, Wheal.

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