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Arch Hellen Med, 39(3), May-June 2023, 415-418


The medical error in everyday clinical practice

V. Vasilakopoulos, S. Lampropoulos
Department of Cardiology, "Mamatseio" Prefecture General Hospital of Kozani, Kozani, Greece

Medical errors are a serious public health problem worldwide and a threat to patient safety, as they affect both the patient and the health system. Medical error is obviously a side effect during patient care. According to international data from studies around the world, the death rate due to medical error is shocking. In Greece there is an indication of medical errors of an extent leading to adverse effects on the mental and physical health of society as a whole. Medical errors can be attributed to doctors and healthcare staff, to the health system itself, and to their interaction. Reduction of the problem requires meticulous investigation and courageous decisions by all parties involved.

Key words: Criminal liability, Education, Medical error, Self-criticism.

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