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Arch Hellen Med, 39(2), March-April 2022, 227-235


Evaluation of the quality of the nursing services of an Athens public general hospital using the SERVQUAL model

Α. Galanakis, A. Goula
Department of Business Administration, School of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of West Attica, Athens, Greece

OBJECTIVE To investigate the level of quality of nursing services provided by an Athens public general hospital, based on patient satisfaction.

METHOD The SERVQUAL model was utilized, which has been successfully used to evaluate the quality of services in various sectors, including the health sector. The quality of the nursing services provided by the hospital was assessed on the basis of patient satisfaction and, specifically, in identifying the gap between the expectations of the patients about the health services to be provided to them, and the perceptions that they form after their provision. Quantitative research was carried out, using the case study research method, on a sample of 120 hospitalized patients, selected by proportional stratified random sampling.

RESULTS Quality deficit was detected in all five dimensions of the SERVQUAL model, with the greatest negative gaps being recorded in the dimensions of empathy and reliability. Significant positive correlation was demonstrated between the five dimensions of quality of nursing services, with the strongest correlation being between the dimensions of assurance and reliability. The satisfaction of the patients varied significantly according to their educational level, with those of lower educational level being less dissatisfied. The dimension of assurance made the greatest contribution to the perceived quality of the nursing services, while the dimension of material provisions made the least difference.

CONCLUSIONS Improvement of the quality of the provided nursing services of the hospital could be achieved through targeted interventions by the hospital administration in all the dimensions of the SERVQUAL model, with emphasis on the dimensions, where the greatest negative gaps are identified.

Key words: Patient satisfaction, Quality management in health, Quality of health services, SERVQUAL.

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