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Arch Hellen Med, 37(Supplement 1), 2020, 17-27


Migrants and planning of health policies in Greece of crisis

Α. Kamekis,1 M. Spyridakis2
1Department of Political Science, University of Crete, Rethymno, Greece,
2Department of Social and Education Policy, University of Peloponnese, Corinth, Greece

During the last decade, the number of migrant and refugee arrivals in Europe, especially in Southern European countries as Greece, has reached extreme numbers, due to human currents that are forced to abandon their homeland because of war, violence or prosecutions. Migration may affect health related factors, such as physical, mental and social. However, the appropriate management of migrant and refugees' health problems is also affected by the current financial crisis which has dramatically increase the public debt sector and that along with other issues of legal, cultural and bureaucratic nature, has negatively affected their access to health care. Therefore it is important for the Greek healthcare system to promote the importance of cross-cultural cooperation for the strengthening of the relationship between native doctors and migrant or refugee patients. The objective of this article is to contribute in the design and recommendation of appropriate health policies adapted to immigrants and refugees' special cultural requirements.

Key words: Εxpectations, Greece, Ηealth care, Ιmmigration.

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