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Arch Hellen Med, 37(6), November-December 2019, 835-839


Implementation of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)
as a quality management instrument in a hospital outpatients' department

E. Koutalas, A. Englezopoulou, D. Lilis, K. Begkos, G. Demitriadis, S. Apistolas, S. Petropoulou, T. Arkoumani, I. Michalakoukos
"Sismanoglio-Amalia Fleming" General Hospital, Athens, Greece

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a European instrument for evaluation of quality management in the public sector, based on self-assessment of a public institution. It was developed in 2000, specifically for use in the public administration sector, as part of an effort to improve the administrative capacity of public organizations and the services that they provide to the citizens. The outpatients' department of the Amalia Fleming Hospital, which belongs to the General Hospital of Athens "Sismanoglio-Amalia Fleming" Trust was evaluated, using the CAF, for its administrative functioning and organizational performance. It was found that specific procedures have been established and they are being followed. In addition, patient satisfaction was evaluated positively, but work is required on upgrading digital applications, quality control, measurement and feedback.

Key words: Common assessment framework (CAF), Quality, Total quality management (TQM).

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