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Arch Hellen Med, 34(5), September-October 2017, 615-621


Occipital condyle fractures and instability of the occipito-atlantoaxial complex

G. Mouzopoulos, C. Vlachos, L. Karantzalis, K. Vlachos
Department of Orthopedics, General Hospital of Laconia, Sparta, Greece

Fractures of the occipital condyle are rare, but potentially fatal, lesions. Their prompt diagnosis is crucial since they may be associated with cranial nerve palsies and instability of the cervical spine. The fracture is often not visible on plain X-ray, and computed tomographic scans of the O-C2 complex should be obtained, especially when the injury is associated with basal cranial fracture, cranial nerve deficits and persistent severe neck pain despite normal X-ray findings.

Key words: Cervical spine, Condyles, Fracture, Occipital.

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