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Arch Hellen Med, 33(Supplement 1), 2016, 13-17


The journey of Ηope: Α philosophical experiment on the right time to die

K.G.I. Vazouras
National School of Public Health, Athens, Greece

An embarrassed speaker gives a talk in a conference, using as an example the story of Hope, an imaginary hero. Hope was a young Greek woman, student of medicine, who faced at the age of 23 the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. This diagnosis changed her life radically. In the various stages of the disease, another person from her family or working environment wishes her death. Who will take, finally, the brave decision? She, her parents, her siblings, her acquaintances, the audience, the speaker, or God?

Key words: Euthanasia, Good death, Multiple sclerosis, When should we die (WSWD), Right time to die (RTD).

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