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Arch Hellen Med, 30(2), March-April 2013, 177-185


Oxidative stress: Study techniques and its effects on gonadal function

M.S. Venetikou
School of Health and Caring Professions, Department of Basic Sciences, Highest Technological Education of Athens (ATEI), Aigaleo, Greece

This is a review of the mechanisms that contribute to the development of oxidative stress and its effects. The substances involved in oxidative stress and their effects on major biomolecules are described, and the ways in which oxidative stress is produced and maintained are outlined. The process of oxidative destruction in the tissues, and the means by which this is corrected or reduced are covered, with evaluation of antioxidative mechanisms and their advantages. The various different ways of estimating oxidative stress and their drawbacks are also explored. In particular, the destructive effects of oxidative stress on male and female gonadal function are reviewed. The means of estimation of oxidative stress are presented here, along with evaluation of the main molecular indices, especially those related to male gonadal function. These ways of studying male molecular gonadal indices are discussed in relation to the effects of oxidative stress.

Key words: Antioxidative mechanisms, DNA, Lipids, Oocytes, Oxidative stress, Proteins, Sperm.

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