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Arch Hellen Med, 30(2), March-April 2013, 153-166


Other primary headaches − A lesser-known group of headaches.
New data; literature review

E. Kararizou,1 E. Anagnostou,1 Α. Gkiata,2 K. Gkiatas,2 E. Stamboulis1
1Department of Neurology, "Eginitio" Hospital, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens,
2Department of Neurology, 251 Air Force Hospital, Athens, Greece

This article reviews "other primary headaches", which is a classification of the International Headache Society that includes primary stabbing headaches, primary cough headache, primary exertional headache, primary headache associated with sexual activity, hypnic headache, primary thunderclap headache, hemicrania continua and new daily persistent headache. Clinicians should be aware that these types of headache may be symptomatic of structural lesions and therefore usually require careful neuroimaging evaluation.

Key words: Primary headaches.

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