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Arch Hellen Med, 22(1), January-February 2005, 50-53


Τhe concept of threshold limit values of exposure to chemical agents

1"Sotiria" General Hospital,
2Department of Experimental Pharmacology, Medical School, Athens University, Athens, Greece

This review deals with the concept of threshold limit values for occupational exposure to chemical agents. Threshold limit values represent levels of occupational exposure to chemical agents to which it is believed workers may be exposed every day over a working lifetime without suffering ill health. The system of threshold limit values has several limitations, such as the general lack of consideration of interactive effects. Additionally threshold limit values reflect a compromise between scientific data and societal and political expediencies. However, given these limitations, threshold limit values constitute an important tool for the prevention of occupational diseases and the improvement of working conditions.

Κey words: Chemical agents, Health, Occupational exposure, Threshold limit values.

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