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Arch Hellen Med, 20(5), September-October 2003, 466-476


Functional reconstruction of primary health care:
A proposal for the removal of obstacles

1Dr Health Policy and Economics, Scientific Collaborator, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Athens, Greece
2Associate Professor of University of Crete, Assistant General Director PeSYP, Crete, Greece

Over the past few years several attempts have been made in Greece to modernize and improve the national health care services. A Health Care Reform Act has been recently approved which aims to improvement in quality and coordination of outpatient and hospital services at the regional level, through the enhancement of primary care. This paper reports a proposal for functional reconstruction of the primary care system in Greece with a major emphasis on equity, quality and outcomes. The main component of the equity and quality framework of this proposal focus on the provision of essential services, and on implementation of clinical and organizational standards.

Key words: Ηealth policy, Personal doctor, Primary health care.

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