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Arch Hellen Med, 18(3), May-June 2001, 279-287


Validation and measurement of quality of life in Greece using EQ-15D

University of Athens, Athens, Greece

OBJECTIVE The purpose of this paper was to present the translation and validation process of EQ-15D in Greece.

METHOD The translation process from English into Greek was undertaken for the EQ-15D following the guidelines provided by the International Committee of this instrument. Two independent forward and two backward translations were carried out followed by a panel discussion. Several scientists such as doctors (general practitioners, pneumonologists, surgeons), psychologists and social scientists participated in the panel. During the panel discussion, emphasis was given to "cultural adaptation" of the EQ-15D into Greek. Further, several issues related to the best possible translation and validation of the various dimensions and levels of EQ-15D were taken into account. Then the instrument was tested to a representative sample of 200 individuals. The quota sampling method was used by taking into account the following criteria: sex, age, educational status and social-economic category.

RESULTS The results present the subjective evaluation of individual's health status over the range of 15 dimensions. The reported quality of life of men was slightly higher than that of women. Quality of life is declining with age. Mobility, hearing and physical health are the dimensions most influenced by age. Positive relationship between quality of life and education was found. The greatest sensitivity of the EQ-15D was found in depression, psychological stress, sexual activity and sleep.

CONCLUSIONS The findings of EQ-15D in Greece are comparable with the results of other validation studies launched in Europe, Australia and elsewhere. EQ-15D is a valid instrument which can be applied to both clinical and population based studies for the measurement of health related quality of life.

Key words: EQ-15D, Validation, Quality of life.

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